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The Quotable Virgo book

Excerpt from Virgo Talents Chapter:

Virgo Trait: Service

Egalitarianism and ethics combine to make  Virgo the zodiac sign most inclined to provide service to others. Virgo wants to help. You want to make useful contributions to the larger group. Virgo is the zodiac sign most associated with routine helpfulness to others.  Mother Teresa (born 8/26/1910) epitomizes Virgo service, expanding her religious vocation to care for society's untouchables.

The simplest and shortest ethical precept is to be served by others as little as possible and to serve others as much as possible.
     Leo Tolstoy, born 8/28/1828

We teachers can only help the work going on, as servants wait upon a master.
     Maria Montessori, born 8/31/1870

I'm not Miss Totally-in-control, sure of myself all the time. Why wouldn't I have the same frailties a lot of women have? I get a lot of mail from women-even young women-who consider me some sort of role model. I never set out to be one, but anytime I can do something constructive, I'm thrilled.
     Lauren Bacall, born 9/16/1924

Nothing's better for getting rid of disappointment than helping someone who loves the same thing you do.
     Golfer Jeff Sluman, born 9/11/1957, helping a young golfer after losing in a playoff

I'm not going to be some person in the royal family who just finds a lame excuse to go abroad and do all sorts of sunny holidays and whatever. I can see myself doing as much as I can in the position that I've got.
     Prince Harry, born 9/15/1984

Virgo Specialty: Practical Assistance

  • Hull House founder Jane Addams (born 9/6/1860) baked bread for the poor and lobbied for fair labor laws
  • Jean Vanier (born 9/10/1928) founded l'Arche, a federation of group homes for the developmentally disabled
  • Salma Hayek (born 9/2/1966) and Jada Pinkett Smith (born 9/18/1971) actively campaign against domestic violence to women

Excerpt from Virgo Relationships Chapter:

Positive Pairing: Virgo with Scorpio

Emotional Scorpio (Water) and practical Virgo (Earth) blend easily when mixed - without one element dominating or disappearing. Scorpio's bold sexiness draws out the Virgin's latent sexuality. Scorpio composure tempers Virgo anxiety, while Virgo analytical skills complement Scorpio's instinctive perception of the overall power structure.

Virgo Birthdate Scorpio Relationship
Blake Lively 8/25/1987 Penn Badgley Boyfriend, split
Cameron Diaz 8/30/1972 Gerard Butler Boyfriend, split
Marc Anthony 9/16/1968 Dayanara Torres Spouse, divorced
Shania Twain 8/28/1965 Robert Lange Spouse, divorced
Domenico Dolce 9/13/1958 Stefano Gabbana Fashion duo
Elvis Costello 8/25/1954 Diana Krall Spouse
Queen Noor (Jordan) 8/23/1951 King Hussein I Spouse
Richard Gere 8/31/1949 Julia Roberts Movie costar
Bela Karolyi 9/13/1942 Nadia Comaneci Protege to Olympic Gold
Warren Buffett 8/30/1930 Bill Gates Business friend
Kitty Carlisle   9/1/1910 Moss Hart Spouse
Billy Rose   9/6/1899 Fanny Brice Spouse
Sarah Polk   9/4/1803 James Polk Spouse
King Louis XVI 8/23/1754 Marie Antoinette Spouse
Goethe 8/28/1749 Friedrich Schiller Literary friend
Samuel Johnson 9/18/1709 James Boswell Friend, subject of biography

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