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The Quotable Virgo

The Quotable Virgo book

Virgo Traits Described by Virgos

The Quotable Virgo book describes the helpful, analytical Virgo personality with the words of famous Virgos like Queen Elizabeth I, Leo Tolstoy and Ray Charles. You will discover:

  • More than 600 quotes from Virgos under topics like Practicality, Ethics and Attention to Detail
  • How Virgo qualities like Reserve and Anxiety emerge in relationships and in artistic expression
  • More than a dozen Virgo specialties such as #1 zodiac sign for lady country singing legends and male golf champions
  • More than 75 Virgo leaders, 150 Virgo artists, 100 Virgo athletes and 150 famous Virgo relationships
  • How contemporary Virgos like Beyonce, Cameron Diaz and Warren Buffett use Virgo traits to their advantage

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