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Zodiac Signs in the Sports Pages

Astrology Signs at the 2016 Masters

  • Leo POISE and MAJESTY from Jordan Spieth versus CONSISTENT, DOWN-TO-EARTH Taurus Rory McIlroy
  • As he bids farewell to Augusta, Virgo Tom Watson credits HARD WORK for his career.  His Aquarian Moon added POPULAR APPEAL.

Capricorn Tennis: Camila Giorgi

Capricorn traits from Italian tennis star Camila Giorgi (born 12/31/1991):  SUBDUED demeanor, strong FATHER figure.  Upon winning her first WTA championship, Camila dedicated the trophy to her very-much-involved dad.

Leos = Kings of the Court

When an announcer pointed out that Roger Federer's birthday was only a day before the birthday of Rod Laver (born 8/9/1938), Federer responded:

"And Pete Sampras (born 8/12/1971), too.  He's a Leo, ten years older than me.  It's good to be a Leo, I guess."

Leo POISE and SELF-SUFFICIENCY have earned more men's tennis majors than any other zodiac sign.


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