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The Quotable Scorpio book

The Quotable Scorpio book describes the powerful, possessive Scorpio personality with the words of famous Scorpios like Picasso, Dostoyevsky and Condoleezza Rice. You will discover:


  • More than 600 quotes from Scorpios under topics like Commitment, Sexuality and Superiority
  • How Scorpio qualities like Intensity and Following Your Own Rules emerge in relationships and in artistic expression
  • More than a dozen Scorpio specialties such as more U.S. Presidents and First Ladies than any other zodiac sign
  • More than 75 Scorpio leaders, 150 Scorpio artists, 100 Scorpio athletes and 150 famous Scorpio relationships
  • How contemporary Scorpios like Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Julia Roberts use Scorpio traits to their advantage

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