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The Quotable Libra book

The Quotable Libra

Libra Traits Described by Librans

The Quotable Libra book describes the pleasant, thoughtful Libra personality with the words of famous Librans like Eleanor Roosevelt, F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Lennon. You will discover:

  • More than 600 quotes from Libras under topics like Partnership, Charm and Indecision
  • How Libra qualities like Idealism and Openness emerge in relationships and in artistic expression
  • More than a dozen Libra specialties such as more U.S. Chief Justices and more classic television hosts than any other zodiac sign
  • More than 75 Libra leaders, 150 Libra artists, 100 Libra athletes and 150 famous Libra relationships
  • How contemporary Librans like Gwyneth Paltrow, Usher and Ichiro use Libra traits to their advantage

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