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Gemini Trait: Versatility

Gemini Trait: Versatility

Geminis go in multiple directions and thrive on variety.  The Sagittarian Archer aims for one target at a time, but the busy Twins juggle multiple activities simultaneously.


"All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make, the better."
     -Gemini Ralph Waldo Emerson, born 5/25/1803

"I'm a Gemini. We're very multi-faceted, equally at home on a beach having a picnic as at Maxim's in Paris dressed to the nines. That's me."
     -Actress Joan Collins, born 5/23/1933

"Thumbing through the course catalog, I thought I would take one of everything."
     -Gemini writer Andrew Weil, born 6/8/1942

"Don't be afraid of mixing styles. It's fun to see the contrast of two or three different styles working together."
     -Gemini actress Courteney Cox, born 6/15/1964

"I looked forward to having the time after my professional career to be able to occupy myself with other things. But I was surprised how simple it was. I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that apart from my tennis, lots of other things have always fascinated me."
     -Gemini tennis player Steffi Graf, born 6/14/1969

Gemini examples of MULTIPLE INTERESTS:

  • Venus Williams (born 6/17/1980) -- tennis champion, fashion designer, interior designer
  • Kanye West (born 6/8/1977) -- rapper, producer, restauranteur, fashion designer
  • Mark Wahlberg (born 6/5/1971) -- actor, rapper, model, producer
  • Mehmet Oz (born 6/11/1960) -- practicing surgeon, TV host, Harvard football player

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