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Wimbledon Titles to Leo and Libra

The 2012 Wimbledon tennis crowns went to Libra Serena Williams (born 9/26/1981) and Leo Roger Federer (born 8/8/1981).  Serena's victory adds to the statistic that BALANCED Libra has earned more women's tennis majors than any other sign.  Other Libra lady winners include Martina Navratilova (born 10/18/1956) and Martina Hingis (born 9/30/1980).  Leo tennis champions Federer, Pete Sampras (born 8/12/1971) and Rod Laver (born 8/9/1938) demonstrate PROUD Leo's reign as kings of the court.  Each Quotable Zodiac book lists tennis players born under the title zodiac sign who have won multiple major championships.