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Taurus Klugman Friendship with Pisces Tony Randall

Taureans make the most loyal friends. Taurus Jack Klugman (born 4/27/1922) said, "Friendship is very, very important. We take it for granted." About Pisces costar Tony Randall (born 2/26/1920), Klugman said, "It's that kind of blind loyalty and love that makes a real friendship, and we had that real friendship."

As noted in The Quotable Taurus and The Quotable Pisces books, Taurus with Pisces is a favorable pairing. Pisces adds imagination to Taurus caution, while Taurus consistency helps minimize Pisces uncertainty. Pisces-Taurus partnerships elevate poetry and song. Practical Taurus poet Robert Browning (born 5/7/1812) had to persuade spouse Elizabeth Barrett Browning (born ) to publish her love poems.