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San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals

Both teams bring Aries SPEED and AGGRESSION to this week's baseball World Series.  The Giants' personality combines Aries COMBATIVENESS with Leo SHOWMANSHIP -- Leos Pablo Sandoval (8/11/1986) and Madison Bumgarner (8/1/1989) plus Ariens Bruce Bochy (4/16/1955), Buster Posey (3/27/1987), Michael Morse (3/22/1982) and Hunter Pence (4/13/1983). 

The Royals' tone is more balanced -- adding INNOVATIVE Aquarians Alex Gordon (2/10/1984) and Jason Vargas (2/2/1983) and ATHLETIC Sagittarians James Shields (12/20/1981) and Alcides Escobar (12/16/1986) to Ariens Lorenzo Cain (4/13/1986) and Billy Butler (4/18/1986).  Plus, the Kansas City team is stabilized by STEADY Taureans Salvador Perez (5/10/1990) and George Brett (5/15/1953).

Astrological forecast?  Expect a few great games from Bumgarner, but the planetary positions for the week favor the Kansas City Royals.