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Paula Broadwell Scorpio like Petraeus

General Petraeus is a Scorpio born 11/7/1952.  Scorpio also claims his biographer and lover Paula Broadwell, born 11/9/1972.  Lots of Scorpio themes with this recent news story -- secrecy, sexuality, power, intrigue, jealousy.  Broadwell's actions exemplify this excerpt from the Challenges chapter in The Quotable Scorpio book: "Scorpio is the zodiac sign most associated with jealousy and revenge.  You turn possessive within a relationship, quickly resenting anyone or anything that comes between you and the object of your desire.  Your green jealousy monster surfaces quickly."

The object of Broadwell's jealousy?  Capricorn social climber Jill Kelley, born 1/1/1975.  As demonstrated in The Quotable Capricorn book, a fall from public grace is an unfortunate specialty of Capricorn celebrities.  "The inexorable lessons of Father Time Saturn force you to give up false realities," says Mary Valby.  "More than any other sign, Capricorn provides famous examples of severely damaged reputations when the proper image is stripped away."  The list now includes Jill Kelley with fellow Capricorns Richard Nixon (1/9/1913), Joe Paterno (12/21/1926), Mel Gibson (1/3/1956) and Tiger Woods (12/30/1975).