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Libran Graciousness from Naomi Watts

According to The Quotable Libra book, Librans think first about the other person, putting them at ease with Libran charm and graciousness.  Hollywood stars consistently described by their peers as pleasant and easy to work with include Librans Julie Andrews (born 10/1/1935), Michael Douglas (born 9/25/1944), Heather Locklear (born 9/25/1961), Will Smith (born 9/25/1968) and Hugh Jackman (born 10/12/1968).

Actress Naomi Watts (born 9/28/1968) can be added to the book's list.  In the October 27, 2014 People magazine, Bill Murray comments about his costar, Watts:  "There's a reason she's in every movie.  Directors love her.  She's a dream."