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Jennifer Lopez among Leo Romantics

"I'm such a hopeless romantic," said Leo Halle Berry (born 8/14/1966).  "I've always been a romantic," added Madonna (born 8/16/1958).  In the May 21 People magazine, Leo Jennifer Lopez (born 7/24/1969) comments, "I'm a bit of a romantic, if you hadn't noticed."  The article describes her affectionate love affair with Aries dancer Casper Smart.  Smart gives Lopez what every Leo needs -- center stage, compliments, and the attention that every royal needs.

Other famous Aries - Leo relationships include Leo Ben Affleck (born 8/15/1972) with Aries Jennifer Garner, Leo Roger Federer (born 8/8/1981) with Aries wife Miroslava, and Leo Angie Harmon (born 8/10/1972) with Aries Jason Sehorn.  Each book in The Quotable Zodiac series lists more than 150 famous relationships for the title sign, including relationships with each of the 12 zodiac signs.  Click on your zodiac sign at the left for more information about ordering your book.