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Gemini Blake Shelton

Gemini Peccadillos

The Quotable Gemini book observes "Scorpios are the celebrities most likely to be accused of felonies.  Gemini tend to skirt the law.  Maybe this isn't strictly legal, but is it all that bad?"  The book then lists 12 examples of famous Gemini petty crimes.

The 9/29/2014 People magazine asks Gemini Blake Shelton (6/18/1976) for his all-time favorite song.  Shelton chose A Country Boy Can Survive by fellow Gemini Hank Williams Jr. (5/26/1949).  "It just covers it all for my lifestyle," says Shelton.  "Whenever I try to think of myself, I think of myself as an outlaw.  A badass.  And this song covers all of that."  -- great example of Gemini's elusive, clever, "Artful Dodger" style!