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Fluid Pisces Swimmers Stealing Many Medals

"Famous Pisces athletes tend to be more fluid than rough-and-tumble," observes Mary Valby in The Quotable Pisces.  Pisces contenders swim under the radar relative to showy Leos such as Ryan Lochte, but are quietly amassing the swimming Golds in this Olympic games -- 2 for Ye Shiwen (3/1/1996) and 1 each for Tyler Chary (3/12/1989), Ruta Meiluyte (3/19/1997) and Rebecca Soni (3/18/1987).  As Soni observed during an NBC interview, "My ideal stroke is smooth and flowing instead of being like a strength thing."  Contending Pisces swimmer Jessica Hardy (3/12/1987) chimes in with the Pisces instinct for fluid grace: "You need to be able to connect with the water, find the fluidity—that's how you move forward."