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Favorable Book Review in November 2012 issue of Dell Horoscope

Excerpt from book review by Chris Lorenz, appearing in Dell Horoscope magazine, November 2012:

"Astrologer Mary Valby offers a unique and fascinating look at Aries in The Quotable Aries.  This collection of witty, wise, and insightful quotes from well-known celebrities gives the reader a first-hand formulation of the Aries traits. After all, who knows Aries better than Aries?  Open the book at random to find something profoundly clever or wistfully humorous.  Alternatively, start at the beginning where the celebrity quotes are categorized and get the distinct feeling for each keyword . . . If you don't happen to be an Aries or aren't particularly interested in Aries, then you have eleven more Quotable books to choose from, each one filled with delectable witticisms . . . Utterly enjoyable, these innovative primers to Sun-Sign astrology deserve widespread usage.  Only astrologers can appreciate how the wisdom is an expression of the experience and hard knocks associated with each sign.  Get two for yourself (for your Sun-Sign and Rising Sign), and gift your friends with one or two."