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Cancer Vergara Engaged to Leo Loeb

Cancer actress Sofia Vergara (born 7/10/1972) just got engaged to Leo producer Nick Loeb (born 8/2/1975).  Cancer lies next to Leo on the zodiac circle.  Adjacent astrological signs often enjoy solid relationships due to the high likelihood of overlapping zodiac signs for Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of affection.  Shared zodiac signs bring similar characteristics that enhance compatibility.  In this case, Vergara's Mercury in Leo matches the Sun sign of her fiance. 

Other Cancer-Leo pairings include Leo Kyra Sedgwick (born 8/19/1965) with Cancer spouse Kevin Bacon (born 7/8/1958) and Leo Napoleon (born 8/15/1769) with Josephine (born 6/23/1763).  Each Quotable Zodiac book lists at least 150 famous relationships for the title sign including partnerships with each of the 12 zodiac signs.