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Aries - Sagittarius Wedding

Impulsive Aries Leighton Meester (4/9/1986) secretly wed Sagittarian Adam Brody (12/15/1979) earlier this year.  The Quotable Aries and The Quotable Sagittarius books classify the Aries-Sagittarius pairing as "very positive."  Aries provides the spark while Sagittarius spreads the enthusiasm.  Aries' immediate action saves Sagittarius from chasing tangents.  Both books list 18 famous Aries-Sagittarius partnerships including Aries Vince Gill (4/12/1957) with Sagittarius Amy Grant (11/25/1960) and Aries Talisa Soto (3/27/1967) with Sagittarius Benjamin Bratt (12/16/1963).