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Ancient Rome: Start of the Parentalia festival honoring the dead, especially one's parents.

"Life itself, however, flows and is sequential and punishes those who try to compartmentalize it."

                Margaret Halsey, born 2/13/1910


Pisces Characteristics: Dakota Fanning

Pisces traits from young actress Dakota Fanning (born 2/23/1994):

  • EYES - her most arresting feature, same as Pisces Elizabeth Taylor (2/27/1932)
  • SHAPE SHIFTER - like Pisceans Michael Caine (3/14/1933) and Terrence Howard (3/11/1969), able to fully morph into different personalities
  • PRIVATE - "normal" life behind the scenes, no feasting-ground for paparazzi


Cancer Specialty: Quick Tears

The Quotable Cancer includes "Easy Tears" among the Cancer zodiac sign's specialties.  "Cancer's feelings run deep yet surprisingly close to the surface. Of all the astrological signs, sensitie Cancer cries the most easily."  People magazine's section on country music includes a partial list of simple things that bring tears from Cancer singer Luke Bryan (born 7/17/1976).

Libra-Gemini Pairs

People magazine describes the relationship of Libra Kim Kardashian (born 10/21/1980) and Gemini Kanye West (born 6/8/1977): "Kim calms Kanye down when he needs it, and Kanye gives Kim confidence, especially with business decisions."  BALANCED Libra Kim soothes ANXIOUS Gemini Kanye, while SAVVY Gemini Kanye helps INDECISIVE Libra Kim take action. 

Each Quotable Zodiac book lists more than 150 famous relationships for the title zodiac sign, including a list for every other zodiac sign.  Gemini-Libra pairings tend to be very positive

Leo Reverence for the Dawn

The Quotable Leo book includes seven quotes from Leo natives demonstrating that Leos specialize in reverence for the dawn.  Leo actress Hilary Swank (born 7/30/1974) can be added to the list with her comment from the 10/27/14 People magazine:

"It's such a quiet and peaceful time--it feels like the day is all yours.  I love enjoying the sunrise with my dogs and a cup of tea or coffee or a walk on the beach."

Leo is the only zodiac sign traditionally ruled by the Sun.

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"Sir, I have studied it. You have not."
Capricorn scientist Isaac Newton, born 1/4/1643, to a colleague who scoffed at Newton's belief in astrology.

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